Increasingly, as Market Research professionals, we find ourselves trying to communicate ever more complex data sets to clients for whom statistics (or indeed numbers in general) are not a first language. Read more

It’s safe to say that Jeff, Phil and myself are all quite different from each other. Different things make us tick. Different parts of the job interest us in different ways. But what we share, apart from a bit of age and experience, is a philosophy which shapes Insight Engineers. These fundamental beliefs have helped us build our business into two core strands: Read more

There’s a new free paper here. It’s our 5th annual look back at Christmas, and shows: Read more

After the retail excesses of Black Friday and Cyber Monday…it’s Manic Monday – with recent improvements in online ordering and delivery, it is the day now forecast by some analysts to eclipse Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail sales in the run-up to Christmas. Read more

The first Saturday in December is Small Business Saturday UK.

Established in 2013, the UK movement seeks to celebrate and support small businesses – both traditional local ‘bricks & mortar’ retailers and also online equivalents. Read more

Launched in the US in 2012 and promoted by the Charities Aid Foundation in the UK from 2014, Giving Tuesday (December 1st 2015) encourages people and business to give money, time or voice to supporting a good cause. Read more

UK Black Friday is no longer a single day event – promotions spilled in to the days before and in to Cyber Monday, with some retailers calling it a Black Friday ‘week’ or ‘weekend’. Read more

Last week, the media reported that Black Friday (and then Cyber Monday) delivered a massive hike in consumer retail spending in the heady lead-up to Christmas. Read more