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The New Energy Context – Dec 2017

Traditional internal combustion powered vehicles account for over 95% of the UK & European market.

Until recently a fringe choice, the reality of electric plug-in vehicles soon becoming more mainstream was given a major prompt when GB & France governments announced this summer that no new only petrol or diesel powered cars & vans will be sold after 2040 and both Germany and The Netherlands announced they were aiming for an earlier timing. Norway have declared that all forms of petrol and diesel vehicles will not longer be permitted to sell from 2020. Read more

There’s a new free paper here. It’s our 5th annual look back at Christmas, and shows: Read more

By asking three simple questions, we’ve found that we can learn quite a lot about a sector’s direction of travel, and where the brands within that sector sit in relation to one another. Read more

In 2011, Insight Engineers collected data on a number of ‘Green’ related issues such as environmental friendliness and sustainability. Read more

It is sometimes easy to overlook that sales believed ‘lost’ may, in fact, still be potential opportunities. Read more

We recently published our annual insight in to consumer behaviour at Christmas.

Recognising that times remain challenging, economic recovery uncertain and consumer finances stretched, once again, we looked at Read more

Building on our recent article around the value of a structured stage-gate process for launching new propositions, we’d also like to share with you our new paper on understanding choice and momentum in the context of market maturity. Read more

Most of us appreciate that business success and repeat sales have always been a combination of having a compelling proposition and targeting the right people in the right way with activities and resources. Read more