We are a Specialist, Independent

Market Research Agency

As a client or agency partner you want an experienced agency who delivers tangible benefit to your business.  We provide practical and actionable Insights, Consequences and Recommendations (ICRs) on the challenges you face, from contemporary grounded evidence and sector experience.

As omni-researchers, we are recognised as B2B experts who understand the B2C world too. We answer tricky & knotty business questions in your commercial context and help you confirm hypotheses, or unlearn established beliefs, without knocking down hard-won internal progress.

We do our utmost to ensure our clients never fail-forward.

Much of our work is in your innovation pipeline – from identifying the resonant insight and what appeals to customers and consumers in your value proposition, to strengthening the offer, packaging, and price positioning by sales channel.
We will highlight areas which require improvement and identify compelling narratives to drive trade advocacy and PR narratives.

We are equally comfortable in primary Qualitative and Quantitative research and the initial Discovery Phase Landscaping from Secondary/Desk research.

Project Management is one of our key strengths. We have successfully delivered agnostic research solutions for over two decades across 40+ countries.  We have learnt how to be on time to high quality standards. We are supported by a long-standing network of independent specialist partners and consultants. Our brand promises to you are Quality, Speed and Value. You will never be treated as just a number or a problem.

We work in six broad business verticals, supporting organisational change and continuous improvement. Some of our client relationships now go back 3 decades.

Having a progressive mindset and the desire to embrace change and agile technology solutions is an inherent given in our quest to engage target groups positively to investigate and provide answers to issues. We utilise these leading research platforms: Qualzy, Qualtrics and Nvivo.

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