To everyone in these unprecedented times, a short message of understanding to you & your loved ones, colleagues and anyone who has sadly lost someone near & dear.
A big shout out to all the front line people working hard in unnerving situations to keep people fed, cared for, and not isolated – may you continue to do this for us all and stay safe yourself.

Remote working has been imposed on everyone, it can he hard to adjust to.  I founded insight engineers as a virtual international network 17 years ago and we are proud to have conducted on-line Quant and both F2F & VOIP Qualitative work in over 40 countries in this time, using what has now become best workforce planning – split team working. We are used to project managing and delivering complex B2B and B2C projects in hard to reach target groups across countries, comfortable in using technology, tight procedures and clear communication to make all happen smoothly.

In the last month we have continued to migrate F2F Qualitative in Europe to on-line interviewing and found some previously hard-to-reach target groups willing to talk at short notice on VOIP channels during the day, evening and even weekends.

Businesses are emerging from the shock of recent weeks and our clients and their referrals are embracing a much stronger “can-do” attitude. We are working hard to help inform short-term tactical response to the effects of Covid-19 and longer-term strategic guidance on future purchasing mentalities. Our clients are switched on people, and those not on furlough, are already striving hard to plan how to emerge from these troubles with a clear view on how to market to target audiences; and especially how to sell in the second half of this year to recover losses this quarter.

We can support you similarly with Quality, Speed and Value. We promise you no loss of productivity and the delivery of grounded ICRs (Insights, Consequences, Recommendations) as we enter our 18th year.  Thank you to our long-standing clients for continuing to believe in the influence & power of our research at this time and for continuing to commission work with insight engineers (and in these turbulent times for actually paying us faster than usual!).

To people who have not worked with us before, let’s talk – nobody loses from opening a dialogue.

Please use the contact form on our website or reach out to me: Jeff Deighton, Managing Director:

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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