After a busy week of client debriefs, we ended Friday on a real high with an internal Lunch ‘n’ Learn session, where we took time out from our day-to-day client relationships to share best practice knowledge and thinking, through a good, old fashioned, ‘show and tell’.

Very simply, each of us took a task we were exploring or developing and presented it to the others, and last week the common theme turned out to be three different online tools for disseminating information to our clients…

  1. Whilst many of you will be familiar with segmentation studies (the good, the bad and the ugly), we have been working with KMI and VISION™, an interactive cloud based approach to interrogating and mapping segmentation analysis. Interestingly, VISION™ also offers the ability to perform ‘what-if’ simulation scenarios to evaluate the supply and demand for new offer/ product propositions.
  2. Last year, we won the Honda Motorcycles customer satisfaction tracking, and in the past few months, we have created their extranet portal to visually engage key stakeholder audiences with graphical and tabular results using Flash-enabled dashboard summaries and individual customer feedback reports.
  3. You might only think of WordPress as a blogging tool, but with its endless themes and plug-in apps, it is actually a very powerful publishing platform for both personal users and businesses alike, and in fact, one that we’ve utilised ourselves to re-launch the Insight Engineers website.

Two more online tools worth a quick mention: LSE’s Mappiness project is mapping the happiness of the UK and UCL’s CityDashboard displays multiple source UK city data in real time. Enjoy!