In the past 12 months, we have seen a strong client-led requirement to survey their customers using their own opted-in databases, e.g. 6,000 B2B decision-makers in Spain.

Clients with their own customer, and indeed prospect databases, already have a distinct competitive advantage in terms of a ‘warm’ marketing channel and generating sales traffic, i.e. just think about the success of Tesco Clubcard.

In our marketing research world, it provides targeted, cost effective access to customer feedback, typically via email invitations to online surveys, but also by one-to-one telephone interviews.

If you have access to an opted-in customer database or are exploring the potential, here are just three very recent examples of how we have supported our clients with their business intelligence needs by utilising their customer databases to achieve superior understanding: –

  1. Evaluated the appeal of alternative product features and benefits, modelled their influence on usage and purchase decisions, and developed the ‘ideal’ go-to-market new product proposition
  2. Understood how to defend market share by maximising retention and conversion in big ticket item sales and how to optimise tactical after-sales offers that motivate lapsed customers to re-appraise the brand
  3. Qualified and tracked the ‘magic’ and ‘miserable’ moments in the customer ownership life-cycle to improve overall enjoyment with the brand, and created an interactive online extranet reportal tailored to the needs of different stakeholder audiences.

Please let us know if you would like help with harnessing the power of your customer database.