Back in May, Phil wrote a post on The Power of the Customer Database. In it he noted that an increasing number of clients were coming to us with a request to use their opted-in customer database for research.

Over the subsequent six months, these requests have continued and we’ve since worked on database-led projects in Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Turkey, as well as the UK of course.

In addition to the three types of research Phil cited (fast response sales and service satisfaction, product offer optimisation amongst a membership base, and tracking what happens to sales prospects who decide not to purchase), we’ve broadened our offer to cover the use of customer databases for qualitative recruitment, and B2B studies.

Even if the databases require some cleaning and tidying up, and let’s face it, they all do, we can do this for you and evidence significant savings on using more traditional sampling methods.

Interested? Drop us a line, and let us help you unleash the power of your in-house databases.