Whilst Cyber Monday doesn’t have the media profile of Black Friday, it is an established phenomenon, and some retail analysts predict that consumer spend will be higher overall.

With this as our back-drop, in conjunction with Toluna (global online community panel specialists), we polled over 1,500 consumers to repeat our 2013 Cyber Monday poll (2014 results are shown below).

In summary, awareness of Cyber Monday has grown considerably year-on-year (78%; +11% points), but as might be expected, remains significantly lower than for Black Friday (93%).
Results suggest that the jump in awareness for Cyber Monday, has not necessarily led to the strong conversion into retail sales observed for Black Friday, as the rate of increase for ‘bought something’ online was lower (14%; +3% points). In fact, a quarter of 55+’s actually disapprove of Cyber Monday!
However, retail sales data may well show that £ value spend on Cyber Monday outstripped Black Friday amongst this hard core of eager beaver, early online shoppers…

By the way, did you know that it’s #SmallBizSatUK tomorrow? Find out more @SmallBizSatUK – we’ll report the results of our Small Business Saturday poll mid-next week.Cyber Monday Results