There’s an old English proverb that starts “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost…” that illustrates the larger consequences of not taking care of the small things.

To help our clients and prospects take care of at least some of the small things, we’ve set up and collected (for free) quick opinion poll-style questions, which we call ‘Test & Vote’.


The purpose of these ‘Test & Vote’ questions can usually be distilled down to one of two things:


as a sense check on strategy – typically to check out and profile brand franchise penetrations, e.g. who knows us? who’s used us? who will use us again?


as a logic check on feasibility – typically to inform design and budget before committing to full-blown research, e.g. how many 40-50 year olds are interested in X, Y, Z?

Our online panel partner, Toluna, runs these single questions for us both in the UK and internationally, and within 2-3 days of set-up, we have ‘000’s of responses to review.

We then analyse these results and provide guidance to our clients and prospects on their potential marketing implications, e.g. whether they should to be acquiring, convincing or converting consumers.

Examples of ‘Test & Vote’ subjects have ranged from ethnic foods in Canada and Australia to Irish whiskey in GB & Ireland, France & the USA and from UK leisure day out trips to adult snuff usage.

The diversity of subjects alone always keeps a smile on our faces!