Given all the media-hype and sector noise surrounding Black Friday this year, what was the reality? How did consumer behaviour compare to last year? Read more

We recently published our annual insight in to consumer behaviour at Christmas.

Recognising that times remain challenging, economic recovery uncertain and consumer finances stretched, once again, we looked at Read more

Call me an old cynic, but does ‘Cyber Monday’ really exist in the UK? After all, by December 2nd, there were still more than 3 weeks to go before the big day…

To check the reality, in partnership with Toluna ltd., we ran an overnight poll with well over 1,000 of their Community Panellists. Read more

So, Black Friday. That feels a little bit too American to us, but apparently the marketing bods think we’re ready for the traditional post-Thanksgiving sales day here in the UK. Hey, it worked for Trick or Treat, so why not? Read more

Building on our recent article around the value of a structured stage-gate process for launching new propositions, we’d also like to share with you our new paper on understanding choice and momentum in the context of market maturity. Read more