Trust takes a lifetime to build, and can be destroyed in a heartbeat. In 2011 we looked at how the global financial crisis was impacting public perceptions of the financial services industry, and this overnight fracturing of trust was the central finding. We’ve re-visited the topic and collected new data in 2013.

You can download and read the full paper here – it’s free. Bottom line is this:

  • Blame for the place we’re in has broadened and deepened. More people blame more people
  • Trust no-one……in authority or business, but it’s relatively ok to go on a recommendation from your nearest and dearest!
  • Those companies who treated us fairly in 2011, they all treat us slightly less fairly now, especially the Utilities.

If you’d like the full data split by demographics, or have an idea for a future topic you’d like us to cover, please leave a comment below or drop us a mail.

Also, previous data available here.