So, Black Friday. That feels a little bit too American to us, but apparently the marketing bods think we’re ready for the traditional post-Thanksgiving sales day here in the UK. Hey, it worked for Trick or Treat, so why not?

Still, we thought it would be interesting to see what the public thought, so we ran an overnight poll with our long term panel provider – Toluna ltd., to see if we’re just cynical old grumps, or if indeed we’re in tune with the zeitgeist. Results are below, showing 84% awareness in total. However, only 5% changed behaviour as a result of Black Friday, with a further 8% benefiting from the discounting coincidentally. Couldn’t resist adding the slightly socially desirable answer about perceived Americanisation and over a 1/4 (27%) of respondents chose that option. Seems the jury’s out on this one for now, but no doubt we’ll all be queuing up enthusiastically in greater numbers as the years go by. With that, we’re off to console ourselves with a slice of Pumpkin Pie:

Insight Engineers Black Friday UK 2013