A question I get asked every day by my teenage son…..usually followed by a cry of “BORING!” when I try to tell him. He’ll learn. Anyway, here are some of the interesting things the three of us have worked on for our clients over recent months:

  1. Developed a best practice insight framework that aligned, integrated and reduced the number of continuous tracking vehicles, resulting in a significant saving on the overall annual budget
  2. Moderated cross-functional team workshops leading to the generation of dozens of viable NPD possibilities
  3. Evaluated reactions to new product propositions and packaging innovations, as well as understanding category and brand drivers through multivariate statistical analysis
  4. Established the levers, barriers, price sensitivity and opportunity for market share and margin growth in a highly commoditised, low engagement category
  5. Identified the ideal retail customer journey across multiple touch-points and established which elements of the shopper experience were working well, which needed improving and which could be dispensed with
  6. Qualified and tracked the ‘magic’ and ‘miserable’ moments in the customer ownership life-cycle and created an interactive Extranet reportal that is tailored to the needs of different stakeholders within the business
  7. Informed European PR strategy with factual research and illustrative sound-bites to underpin an international industry conference paper

Oh, and we traveled a lot. Poland, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, Slough(!) to name but a few.

If you’re interested in stopping our children shouting “BORING”, please get in touch so we can add you to this list next time we post something similar!