With the support of Populus Data Solutions, we polled reaction amongst 2,000 consumers to the proposed £20 billion+ acquisitions of EE and O2 by BT and Three respectively.

Here’s five golden nuggets we discovered: –


  1. Consideration: 1 in 10 will consider Three more next time when choosing a network (rising to 1 in 5 amongst millennials)


  1. Brand: Three users (and millennials) place the most importance on ‘brand’ when choosing a mobile network (and Tesco Mobile users the least)


  1. Growth: O2 and Vodafone have the highest potential in terms of lapsed users prepared to re-appraise the brand in the future


  1. Loyalty: Virgin Mobile users are more likely to only be using one mobile network


  1. Profile: EE users will bring a slightly more female profile to BT compared to the mobile phone owning population as a whole


If you’re interested in receiving the data, which was collected on February 18th-19th 2015, or would like a chat about the research, please get in touch.