What’s your elevator pitch? Tell me about what you do in one minute? What should I take-away from this conversation? You’re different how?

We spend a lot of time refining our answer to these questions. In fairness the three of us take slightly different approaches. I like pictures. Phil’s a logo man. Jeff likes a model of thinking. But actually, when you boil it down, we are all saying the same thing:

Insight Engineers does two things very well:


  • We deliver ‘tricky’ projects
  • We advise our clients on anything at all to do with the research process – we call this our ‘Friendly Review’ approach

We are able to do these two things because:

  • We’re independent and therefore have no axe to grind or specific technique or methodology to push.
  • We have a combined total of 80 years industry experience between us. We’re ‘grey-heads’ with open minds.

We’ll be posting more on the Friendly Review approach shortly – who we’ve used it for, what we’ve done, how it works. Meantime, if you’d like an experienced, independent, low-maintenance agency devoting quality thought to your business, why not drop us a line?