This is Part Two of an occasional series aimed at grouping together all the main Data Visualisation resources Market Researchers and Insight professionals may find useful in furthering their ability to communicate data more visually, memorably and, you know, just generally better.

Part One can be found here, and covered books.

In this post I’ll list some of the websites and Twitter accounts I’ve bookmarked/followed. They all update fairly frequently, so are worth periodic return visits.

Visualising data:

For a summary of tools and resources, a monthly summary of inspirational visualisations, and in particular the little of visualising data, a series of evolving posts featuring the tiny details that make all the difference to the finished result.

Kaiser Fung:

The “web’s first data visualization critic”. Interesting for his constructive criticism of visualisations and for his Trifecta checkup (useful to apply to all data visualisations you work with)

WTF Visualisations:

A daily archive of all that is bizarre, misleading and inaccurate in infographics and data visualisation. Educational, and funny.

Information is Beautiful: (main site and awards which are sponsored by Kantar) and

As close as you’re going to see to data visualisation meets market research. Thought provoking stuff fronted by David McCandless and team.

Edward Tufte:

Old school data visualisation site (and I mean this as a compliment, because without him, none of the others exist). Excellent forum section and beautiful illustrations. (see header image for an example).

Dear Data: 

Hand drawn visualisations posted via snail mail between two visualisers(!), as part of a year long project.

Finally, Twitter accounts to follow for tips, examples, inspiration, or just keeping up to date in the field:


As ever, drop me a line if I’ve missed anything/anyone obvious.