All three of us occasionally like a whisk(e)y, although generally only at the weekend! We also have a number of clients who spend their lives thinking about how to sell more of the stuff, and for both this article on makes interesting reading. To summarise, the top 10 emerging whisky trends are:

  1. Japanese whisky
  2. Breaking into the female market (references to KT Tunstall, Kate Moss, Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud and the so called “Mad Men effect”)
  3. Twice burnt barrels (e.g. Jameson Black Barrel)
  4. Whisky from India
  5. Single pot still whiskey
  6. Increase in whisky society memberships (particularly women!)
  7. Double distilling of Irish Whiskey
  8. More whisky apps (e.g. The Mash app)
  9. Resurrecting old whisky recipe books (plays to the cocktail use of whisky particularly)
  10. London distillery (London Distillery Company to open 1st London whisky distillery in London for 100 years)