Confident, Creative, Communicators

As we approach the No-deal Brexit Deadline at the end of this month, I find myself looking back 10 years, to when the UK was also facing troubled times and uncertainty.

As an agency founded in 2003, initially more focused on primary quantitative and secondary desk research, back in 2008/2009 we found ourselves quoting for more Qualitative projects as client budgets came under pressure in the last recession. We took a Quantitative angle on this back then, supporting the rigour of our proposals by including our own sizing work on what we called ‘3C People’ – to use those statements in our Qualitative recruitment. Our aim was to ensure the most appropriate target group would be interviewed and our experience was that interviewing ‘3C People’ would enhance successful offer & proposition development in recessionary times.

‘3C People’ was our shorthand for Confident, Creative, Communicators, those who are your natural brand ambassadors …. these people tell friends about good ideas & products, can think around things and are willing to express different views.  Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey at the time showed over 8 in 10 consumers trusted earned media (word-of-mouth and recommendation) more than any other form of advertising.

10 years ago, 24% of the UK population were using social media networking sites at least once a day. According to statistics in Hootsuite’s DIGITAL 2019: GLOBAL DIGITAL YEARBOOK, 67% of the UK population now use social media for nearly 2 hours a day on average – and 39 million of us are mobile social media users.

Brands have always had a focus on targeting their consumer’s wants and needs. If a brand owner is not optimizing marketing campaigns for mobile or trying to reach ‘3C People’, then it is likely brand content will not be having the fullest desired effect. While no brand has total control over what consumers say about them, the commentary and perceptions of ‘3C People’ surely help to create a better conversation and positioning for your brand among customers and prospects.

Hence, we thought we’d update our ‘3C People’ sizing exercise from 2009 and share those findings here as food for thought on future targeting.

Key Takeaways from survey:

A survey conducted with Syno International (UK) Ltd on their UK omnibus in July 2019:

  • Almost 1 in 5 are Confident, Creative, Communicators. These ‘3C People’ are not shy when in front of a crowd and willing to express their views, even to strangers. They believe they can find solutions and think flexibly.
  • The level of ‘3C People’ has increased nearly 7 percentage points from 2009; interestingly almost equally amongst the under 34 and the over 55.
  • More people (nearly 2/3rd) are ‘Confident’ – say they are not shy when in front of a crowd and ‘Communicators’ – would express their views to strangers if they felt differently.

Best, Jeff Deighton
October 2019